Now that we've cleaned up the wiki and got it decent looking, we can really get started with growing it.

This year, I would like to focus on a few core goals.

  1. Grow membership of the fanon
  2. Grow membership of the canon
  3. Create a more reliable catalogue of pages
  4. Give the wiki a strong culture
  5. Cut down on anonymous users

In essence, this is only two broad goals. Improve membership, and update the wiki.


Membership is an ongoing struggle for the wiki. We can't seem to get users, and we can't keep them either. While we have experienced a growth from no active users to 12, this isn't really a productive user base, when only 5 really do anything. Practically, we need to engage users, not get more. Attracting users is not a problem, and it never has been. We've always had a steady growth, generally two new users a month. The problem is that they leave.

My solution is very simple: as Chill suggested, we have written a letter which will be emailed to McMann. This should generate new users. I plan to devote my time to administration duties, and slowly leave the area of editing, which I will continue to moderate. This will allow me to focus entirely on improving the user experience and wiki culture. The fanon wiki should grow with us, as more users begin to create fan ideas.


It is an unavoidable truth that our wiki does not have the best collection of pages. Many are outdated, many are missing sections and obvious information. We have to fix this.

In short, this is impossible without more users, so our two goals are inextricably linked together. However, it will be necessary to create a new category system, such I plan to start in February.