Hello it is me AlexandLani. A recent fan of the Unwanteds series. Please take heed that if you have not yet read the book Island of Fire then spoilers are to be expected.

The book series has made me quite emotional about the characters. So when finding out that Lani preferred Samheed over Alex when Lani was starting to like Alex. I didn't feel quite right about Samheed winning Lani when he himself, as hinted in the book, used to like Meghan and feeling jealous when he saw her with Cole Wickett.

I want to see your views and ideas on the subject despite Alex accepting that Lani is happier with Samheed now but I still think that Alex should be with Lani. As I want to see more of the small blue eyes, black haired mischeivious girl.

If you would also kindly give me some of your predictions with the oncoming book Island Of Legends and seeing as how affairs start to heat up.

I thank you in advance for the contribution this blog.