Trapping clay is a magic spell invented by Alex Stowe. It has been used extensively by those in Artimé. It’s first use was in a class, where Alex Stowe created a full body cast on Lani Haluki.

The trapping clay is a ball of clay that can trap your enemies in different ways. One way, is that you throw the ball of clay and shout shackles and then shackles will appear on their arms. You can also shout collar whitch will make a dog collar on them or 'body cast' whitch will cover your enemy from head to foot


Being A is the one using the spell. Bring B is the victim

Basic UseEdit

Being A throws a normal-sized clay ball at B. Ball hardens around B’s body part hit.

Body CastEdit

Being A throws a large clay ball at B. Ball hardens around B’s whole body.


Being A throws a clay ball at B. A yells “Shackles!” Clay hardens around B’s wrist and ankles, and is dragged to a wall.


Revised version of Shackles, where clay hardens against B’s throat.