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The Unwanteds Wiki is an encyclopedia of people, places, and events that are portrayed in The Unwanteds series, written by Lisa McMann, who is known particularly for her works in the fantasy genre.

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Only until The Unwanteds Quests: Dragon Fire is released!

Only until The Unwanteds Quests: Dragon Slayers is released!


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Mr. Today is the creator of Artimé and is the twin brother of former High Priest Justine and father to Claire Morning. He originates from Warbler Island. He and Justine started to plan Quill when they were fourteen. He also removed the memories of their magical powers from the first people of Quill. They were returned in Island of Silence.

Soon after Marcus and Justine robbed the memories of the mages, Justine took the position of High Priest. Marcus and Justine decided on Positions in Quill, although they were mainly influenced by Justine, which is evrident in the Unwanteds. Marcus put all the Unwanteds outside the Walls of Quill under a sleeping spell. This continued until his daughter, Claire Morning, was announced an Unwanted. He then proceeded to make the Great Lake of Boiling Oil and Artimé for her in order to save all who had been deemed Unwanted.

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Simber as drawn by Swiftpelt33.

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