Spike Furious is the first creation brought to life by Alex Stowe. She was re-created from the skeleton of a deceased whale that washed up on Artimé before Alex Stowe became an Unwanted. Spike Furious has one spike coming out of her head (because Alex had no idea what to do with that bone). After being brought to life in the Museum of Large, Alex had to transport her in to water. After getting her to the water, Spike disappears. Later, she gets captured by a giant eel in the book Island of Fire, then is rescued by Alex and his friends from Pirate Island when they go to rescue Sky's mother. She stays with Alex and helps the team along the rest of their journey. She is a loyal and sincere companion. 


Spike is a large whale with skin spun from seaweed. She looks mostly normal, however there was an extra bone in the skeleton, which was used to add a diamond-encrusted horn protruding from her forehead.


Spike washed up on the shore of Artimé years before Alex or his group became Unwanted. She was dying, and Mr. Today was powerless to save her. After she died, Mr. Today teleported her to the Museum of Large, where it later fell apart, prompting Mr. Today to make putting her back together as hobby.

After Mr. Today died, Alex had to restore the mansion, but in doing so accidentally brought Ol' Tater, a vicious creation of Mr. Today's, to life. Ol' Tater scattered Spike's skeleton everywhere, so Alex put her back together. At the end, there was an extra bone, which he added to her forehead as a diamond-encrusted horn. He decided to cover the skeleton in seaweed and paint it like a mosaic. He named her Spike Furious, and tried to bring her to life.

However, she was still on land. She was dying again, so Alex sang Mr. Today's song for taking the life he'd given Ol' Tater away, putting her to sleep. He transported her to the water, where he attempted to give her life once more. She swam away, disappearing until she returned to help the Artiméans in the mission to save Copper, Sky's mother.