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Sky is 'the silent girl' who was washed ashore on Artimé on a raft with her brother, Crow. She is an orange-eyed teenager from Warbler Island, where Mr. Today is from. Sky, like Meghan, Lani, Samheed, Crow, and Copper, had the voice-restraining necklace of thorns. When she appeared in Artimé, people were wary at first. While Lani was gone, Alex developed a crush on this mysterious girl and they even shared a kiss. Sky appears in Island of Silence, Island of Fire, Island of Legends, Island of Shipwrecks, Island of Graves, and Island of Dragons. She also briefly appears in Dragon Captives and Dragon Bones.

Appearance Edit

Sky has long, wavy, dark copper-colored hair, sunset orange eyes that have a bit of gold (from the acid eye drops that were forced onto all the Warblerans), deep tan colored skin and plump lips. She has a few scars around her neck from where the Thornament was. She is exotic-looking and very beautiful. In Island of Dragons, it is guessed by Kaylee that she had South American or Mexican ancestors. In Unwanteds Quests, she obtains freckles, and is also described as having auburn hair with natural highlights. She is depicted on the cover of Island of Shipwrecks.

Description Edit

Sky is brave, kind, intelligent, and determined. She was scared and shy when she first woke up in Artime, but grows extremely confident as the series goes on. She is considered Alex's main love interest and helps Alex in his struggles. She can easily block out her emotions and focus on the more important factors she is dealing with. She can sometimes appear cold and distant. She follows her head instead of heart, and is constantly thinking things through. She cares deeply for her family and Alex, eventually all of Artime too. Sky is a natural leader whose best weapon is a sword.

Island of Silence Edit

Alex, Lani, Samheed, and Meghan discover a raft floating in the water. They quickly bring it ashore and call for help. On the raft is a girl and a boy (Sky and Crow). The girl (Sky) looks to be a few years older than the boy and they are both adorned with thorn necklaces which weave in and out of their skin. They are carried to the infirmary which Alex single-handedly expands at a command with help from Mr. Today. For days Sky and Crow are unconscious. Alex visits them often to see if they are getting better. Sometimes, he'd imagine their background stories and how they arrived in Artimé. Mr. Today predicted that they might've escaped from an island; he didn't think it could be Warbler. A few days later, it is announced that the girl has woken up. She's terrified of the unfamiliar surroundings, so Mr. Today asks Alex to try making her feel better. Alex tries to sooth her and offers her water, which the moment she puts it in her mouth--she spits it in Alex's face. Alex is very surprised and this stands as an amusement for the teachers. By the end of Island of Silence, she and her brother sit in the gray shack together when Artimé disappears.

Island of Fire Edit

Sky eventually grows closer to Alex and she warms up to him. They spend many nights on the roof of the gray shack together. Over time, she and Alex begin to fall for each other. She helps solve the puzzle to fixing Artimé. After Artime is restored to normal, Sky is freed from her Thornament after having been reassured that the birds of Warbler will not peck her eyes out if it was removed. She became a trusted friend with Alex and his companions. Once they're all ready, they set out to rescue Lani and Samheed. On the way, the ship pulls them into the pirate island. As they're on the boat, Sky kisses Alex, leaving him very confused on who he likes. When they get to the pirate island, Sky tries to talk about the kiss but Alex replies, "Don't worry. I've already forgotten about it." This leads Sky to give him a slight cold shoulder.

Sky saw her mother below the water as she, Crow, Alex, Simber, and Carina, were looking around the Pirate Island, and she managed to get her attention. Her mother had a rapid fire discussion with her daughter in the sign language of Warbler. Sky's mother left and came back with a spell that would disenchant the ship Sky and many other Artimeans were sailing on. When Sky's mother was dragged away, Alex promised to help save her mother when they could.

When the group finally rescued the Samheed and Lani, Alex realized the two had gained feelings for each other, and finally accepted he has feeling for Sky. When the group got back to Artime, Sky got more and more anxious to rescue her mother. She finally takes matters into her own hands and takes the raft she arrived in to rescue her mother. Alex swims out to her despite his broken ribs and convinces her to stay. He promises he'll get her mother back. They sort of confess their interest in each other and hug. She later becomes Alex's girlfriend.

By the end of the book, there was a masquerade party, which is set a few months later. It was interrupted by a loud, booming noise and Aaron's sudden appearance. When Aaron first saw Sky, he immediately noticed her beauty and mentioned he was High Priest, trying to impress her. His efforts proved futile though as Sky was disgusted by the Wanted twin from Alex's stories of him.

Sky ran outside with Alex and panicked when they all saw Warbler fleets coming to attack. 

Island of LegendsEdit

Alex tried to convince her to hide in the library but she refused and decided to fight with and for Artime. During the war, Sky was knocked unconscious during the battle against Warbler. She cast a tuba spell right as a boulder was about to crush her. The rock exploded and Sky said she "inhaled a rock." While she was unconscious, Alex was worried sick. Henry and Ms. Morning managed to help her regain consciousness. She woke up, coughing and hacking. She and others from Artime go to rescue her mother after she recovers. At first she is worried that the group cares more about rescuing the animals and not her mother, but Alex kills those fears. She plays a key role in the rescue of her mother and is happy when they are reunited. She also breaks up with Alex in this book, because he ignores her so often.

Island of Shipwrecks Edit

Alex and Sky are broke up in this book but still friends. Alex avoids Sky for most of the time they are trapped on the island. But when he has to sew Carpet components she builds him a loom and sews for him. When Alex is infusing magic into the moss he thinks about Sky. Sky asks him what he thinks of when he closes his eyes. Alex replies by saying he thinks about her. Alex asks Sky if they can go back to at least being friends and she gladly complies. Sky comes up with lots of good ideas in this book and helps to rebuild a majority of their ship with her mother and Florence. Towards the end of the book Alex and Sky are close to kissing but are interrupted.

Island of Graves Edit

In this book Sky helps in the first assassination attempt of Gondoleery. After the first fail the group must restratigize. They decide Aaron is key to defeating Quill. So Alex decides to take Claire's ship to find him. Sky is chosen to come with him. Alex is undeniably pleased. For most of the trip they simply talk as friends. But eventually while Sky is stretching he rocks the ship so she lands on top of him. And while she is swimming Alex joins her. While stopping at the Island of Graves she is amazing while fighting off the gorillas. Alex starts to put himself down because he didn't think about whether or not the gorillas could swim. Sky tells him he is too much of a perfectionest, and he would slowly rip apart his life while striving for perfection. Alex knows this true, but is sad, and Sky feels bad about it. Later she says that she said it because she loved him. Then she blurts that she loved him like a sister. Later when she helps end the hurricane, he kisses her twice, and she doesn't mind. But she does say that if he mention the sister thing again their relationship would be over

Island of Dragons Edit

Sky and Alex re-enter their relationship stronger than ever. In their fight with Warbler and Pirate Islands, she is asked to lead a team. She is hesitant at first but soon agrees. Her team along with Carina and Gunnar Haluki's are one of the few successful in the fight. Sky is one of the fiercest fighters, fending off several pirates at once with her sword. She along with her mother and some other warbler escapees refuse to hide in the mouth of the rock from the jungle. She along with her mother realize that the pirate slaves and the parents from Warbler are going to fight with Artime. After Alex's fight with Queen Egala, she meets him on the way to the hospital ward where they kiss twice, and confess their love to each-other.

Dragon CaptivesEdit

Sky is working on helping the volcano on the Island of Fire not go down into the sea anymore. When Simber, Carina and Thatcher meet up with her, she notes she almost got sent into the volcano, like Queen Eagala did, but Scarlet saved her. On the return of the dragons, Simber, Thatcher, and an unconscious Fifer, Scarlet says that Sky had gone under, and Scarlet was to late to save her.

Dragon BonesEdit

After Thisbe escapes from the Revinir's catacombs, she ventures into a cave where she finds Sky.