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Simber is a giant winged cheetah made out of sand, who guards Artimè against intruders; a task set for him in case the people of Quill or another Island attacked Artimé. His regular position is on a pedestal next to his good friend Florence at the entrance to the mansion in Artimé. Simber also accompanies the Unwanteds on their voyages to the various other islands in the chain, providing an overhead lookout and much-needed protection. His only weakness is white and blue fire and diamond throwing stars with fire on the ends. He speaks with an interesting accent; all the R's he says are usually said with an emphasis.

Island of SilenceEdit

In "Island of Silence, it is revealed that he was Mr. Today's first creation, a sculpture made out of sand and preserve spells to make him virtually indestructible. When Mr. Today brought him to life, Simber grew at an alarming rate to the point where Mr. Today didn't know if he would ever stop. Simber also helps with the rescue from Warbler Island.

Island of FireEdit

Previous to Island of Fire, Simber falls out of the sky into the sea when Mr. Today is killed by Aaron, it is only later in the book, when Alex, the new Head Mage, is able to resurrect him from the sea bringing him back to life.

Island of Legends Edit

In Island of Legends, Simber rescues Florence from the reverse aquarium on Pirate Island by smashing through the glass. 

Island of ShipwrecksEdit

In Island of Shipwrecks, Simber goes ahead of the group after making the journey over the waterfall. He heads back to Artimé carrying Sean and Carina because Sean had a broken leg and Henry Haluki was running low on medicine. Simber makes it back to the group on the Island of Shipwrecks just in time to get Florence on board the Pirate ship. 

Island of Graves Edit

In Island of Graves, Simber is hit with a barrage of orange fireballs from Gondoleery while defending the Unwanteds. Then Simber is hit by a blue fireball. The fireball is too hot for Simber and he instantly disintegrates into a pile of sand. After the end of the battle and after death of Gondoleery. Aaron performs magic on the sand restoring Simber handful by handful until he is brought back to life. This act of magic and kindness proved to Alex that Aaron was without a doubt on Artimé's side and that he was indeed creative and magical.