The Quillitary

Age group


Known or mentioned members

Arron Stowe(former)


High Priest Justine

The Quillitary is where some Wanteds go after their Purge. They make up Quill's army, which is completely useless since a giant wall isolates the island from all other lands. Once they reach a certain age [this age is unknown], they leave the Quilitary to live in the Wanteds compoud. Some may stay to become trainers or to train more.

Life in the QuillitaryEdit

The Quillitary covers fighting, strategizing, memorization, math, and multitasking. All members sleep in bunks that hold 10-15 people. Many members are not nice, and there is no creativity or any type of creativity involved, including writing, drawing, singing/dancing, acting, etc.


Because High Priest Justine founded Quill and built a large, black-bricked stone wall around the island, anything made of metal in Quill is at least 50 years old and badly rusted, including the weapons. All types of cars, incuding battle cars and tanks, most likely do not work due to the combination of rust and oil shortage. 

Besides swords and cars, the main fear of Quill comes from their guns. This subject is the most highly taught in the Quillitary. While most guns consist of B-B's [which can only stun of kill small animals], the governors have pistols. Though bullets are in shortage, many were trying to find a different material to use.