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Quill is the island where the book The Unwanteds takes place. It is very dry and desolate. Most of the vehicles are very old because Quill has blocked off communications with the other islands around making trade impossible, so they ran out of their natural materials. Every year they sort the 13 year-olds into Unwanteds, Necessaries, and Wanteds. Wanteds will go to the university while the Necessaries will work on farms and carry out every other undesirable task. Unwanteds will go to the Death Farm, later revealed as Artimé. Most Necessaries left Quill when Artimé was discovered, infuriating the Wanteds, but came back when Artimé lost its mage, Mr. Today, which meant Artimé was no more. When Alex Stowe restored Artime, he became its head mage, eventually expanding Artime into Quill until it covered the majority of the island.



Quill was originally founded by Marcus Today and Justine, along with many people who had joined them in their travels. After having Marcus remove Quilled memories of the outside world, and of magic, Justine ordered the wall built. Quill was more isolated from the world, and remained so for many years.

Unwanteds SagaEdit

Later when Justine dies, High Priest Haluki rules. He is allies with Artime, and friends with Marcus Today. all the while Aaron builds up a resistance against Haluki. When Mr. Today is killed and Artime is magicless, Aaron's resistance strikes and Aaron becomes the new Priest.The old secretary, Eva Fathom, agreed to help Aaron with the promise of her old job back. Aaron is the youngest priest yet and is a bit of a reckless ruler. He is filled with fear and a need to be respected. He ends up ordering the wall to be destroyed, then rebuilt, then destroyed again. The collapsing wall ends up killing his parents, too. He finally decides he needs help other than Secretary, and elects a council of governors. This includes Gondoleery Rattrap(a decision to be regretted.) Liam Healy,and Septimus Strang. After Eva dies Liam becomes Aaron's closest friend. Aaron eventually ends up enlisting the help of the Quillitary general, in exchange for oil for the old cars. Aaron builds a machine that makes oil. But before the attack on Artime can begin, Aaron is abducted by Pirates. Gondoleery Rattrap snatches the position of Priest immediately, and resumes the attack on Artime. Through an epic battle, Gondoleery is killed, and Quill becomes the same state as Artime, with Alex as ruler.

Quests SagaEdit

Artime has remained mostly the same, with Karkinos as it’s neighbor.