Pirate Island is the second-most western island in The Dragon's Triangle. The volcano island frequently submerges into the water and goes back up. Everyone lives in a dry space inside the water-filled interior of the island. The pirates and their slaves are forced to live in a reverse aquarium, as water rushes in when the island submerges. It shakes violently before submerging and going back up, giving the inhabitants a warning to strap to their seats and secure themselves.

Role in the StoriesEdit

In The Unwanteds: Island of Fire, Alex and his allies ventured out to save Lani and Samheed from the slavery of Warbler Island, but their ship, being a crashed pirate ship that was cursed, veered off course to Pirate Island. Sky and crow saw their mother, Copper, who ventured onto the island to tell them how to disenchant it. Alex promised Sky that they will return to save her mother.

In The Unwanteds: Island of Legends, Alex and his friends ventured off to save Copper and other sea creatures captured by the Giant Eel. With help from Spike, they were able to escape the giant eel and rescue Copper.


  • Pirates
  • Warblerians
  • Giant eels