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Meghan Ranger Edit

Meghan Ranger was an Unwanted and her best skill in creativity was music. She had an older brother, who was declared an Unwanted a few years before the start of her purge. Both of her parents were Necessaries, and she is described as having been a friend of Alex Stowe (and Aaron) before the Purge. Four of her close/best friends were Alex Stowe, Lani Haluki, Samheed Burkesh, and Cole Wickett. She is killed towards the end of Island of Shipwrecks.

Appearance Edit

Meghan has green eyes, pale skin, red hair, and a freckled face.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known except that she was neighbors with Aaron and Alex, and friends with Alex.. At one point, it is mentioned that Alex and Aaron had caught her singing into her hairbrush (it is speculated that Aaron reported this, thus making her deemed as an Unwanted).


Meghan's favorite teacher was Ms. Morning, who taught her how to play the oboe and other instruments. Out of the group (Lani, Samheed, Alex, and her), she is the first to join the warrior class and learn how to cast spells, however fearful of making her friends jealous she does not reveal this at first. Meghan is the first person to notice the budding romance between Alex and Lani through an tumultuous phase of their relationship. She is also the first one to notice the feelings between Alex and Sky.

The Island of SilenceEdit

In the beginning she, Lani, Alex, and Samheed ride on Simber. When they are done, Samheed's mother comes to visit him. When Samheed asks for advice on whether to see her or not, Meghan says he shouldn't do it, as weeks before, she and Sean had gone to seek out their parents, only to see that while her parents were pleased to see Sean, they held a bitterness toward Meghan. This event shakes and hurts her. Meghan therefore didn't think Samheed should see his mother, not wanting Samheed to feel pained if his mother places blame on him too.

Later when Mr. Today picks Meghan to help him out, she agrees and much to Samheed's annoyance, pairs Meghan up with Cole Wickett, who has a crush on her. Meghan is oblivious to this and goes on not noticing Samheed or Cole's attention towards her. When a small group of Wanteds attack a Necessary and then threaten Mr. Appleblossom, Cole puts a fireantt spell on the Wanted and send them off. Meghan and Cole run around the corner and ask them if everything was okay. Later, when talking to Alex about the Wanted attack, she talks about how Cole cast the spell, not her (which makes Samheed roll his eyes).

When her, Samheed, and Lani go on a adventure on Ms. Morning's boat they find the Island of Silence. They later go on shore and have sleep darts thrown into them. When they awake, it is said by Lani that she could hear Meghan's screaming as thorns were being sewn jnto her neck. Lani helps her to escape by causing a distraction. She is able to make it to the boat and hours later, Alex finds her clinging to the rope ladder after she splashes to get his attention. The necklace of thorns on her neck having prevented her from speaking or calling out for help. She was on the boat with Alex when the ship suddenly lurched forward as Simber fell into the water. Both Meghan and Alex fell into the water from the impact. Meghan, being too weak to swim, started drowning. Alex searched for her frantically until his foot got caught in her hair and he hauled her up. He swam them to Artime only to find that Mr. Today along with Artime and everything he had created was gone. Meghan was in the cabin asleep during the battle with Aaron's followers.

Island of Fire Edit

It is only Meghan, Alex, Henry, and the two silent newcomers who are in the shack. Artime is gone, Mr. Today is dead, and all the creatures he ever created have disappeared. Meghan had helped Alex, even when she was silent for the short period of time. When Alex was able to bring Artime back, she was trapped in the grey shack with one of Mr.Today's old statue that he had to put to sleep. Later when the statue was put back to sleep and was non-living, Alex had removed the Thorn Necklace from her neck and she was able to talk again.

She was present in a meeting and she had told everyone everything about Warbler island that she knew.

She later goes on the boat with Alex, Sky, Crow, Carina, others and the statues to Pirate Island. The ship later heads back to Warbler island to save Lani and Samheed. She stays close to the Tiki statue and tells them when the sleep darts are coming to hit.

Island of Legends Edit

Meghan isn't really featured in this book because she stays back to help protect Artime.

Island of Shipwrecks Edit

In this book Meghan is at Artime is helping everyone and hanging around the Warbler children while Alex is away saving Sky's mother. She talks to Liam Healy a lot and eventually learns to listen to what he has to say without thinking him a pathetic killer. She also made a visit into Quill and shouts at Aaron. She notices that Gondoleery was more dangerous than she thought because she threw a fireball at Meghan's shoulder. When Sean and Carina come back, she has a meeting with them, Claire Morning, Gunnar Haluki, and Simber. They discuss Eva Fathom's heroic death, giving Carina mixed emotions and bitterness. Later, Liam comes to the entrance of Artime and asks for a meeting with Claire, but Meghan refuses. He instead insists on a meeting with Sean. Meghan joins in on the discussion with Sean and Liam, she is surprised when Sean reveals he was a spy, and Eva would always consult with him with knowledge of Quill. Meghan trusts Liam when he proves his loyalty to Artime and has a mutual hatred for Aaron and Quill. In the end of the book, she is fighting fiercly with fully-gained courage. Samheed finds her in the midst of battle, and they have a short reunion and fight side by side to fend off the Quillitary. They are shocked to see General Blair, who everyone thought was dead. He had a very strong desire to kill Samheed, and he threw his throwing star in an attempt to kill him. At the same time, Samheed threw deadly spell components at him, and he died instantly. Unfortunately, Meghan had shoved Samheed aside, causing the throwing star to hit her deep in the chest. The battle was so crazy that Samheed couldn't get to Meghan or get help. He screamed for anyone to help her, and by the time they did, it was a long time. Samheed wasnt able to help her because he passed out, so when Alex finally came around, he took Meghan to the hospital wing in a panic. He described her as gray and cold, covered in blood, and it was too late when they tried saving her. Unfortunately, she died of blood loss.


Meghan is very much the girl-next-door archetype. She is very sweet, caring and compassionate; even being nice to Samheed at first despite his rudeness and disgust towards Alex. She is also noted as being slightly oblivious to others feelings towards her; Lani's slight jealousy in the first book, and Cole and Samheed's interest in her in the second. She is a very loyal friend. By the more recent book, Island of Shiprecks, Meghan is a fierce warrior willing to die fighting for Artime. By then, she more cunning and more intelligent, and very brave. She's willing to do anything for her friends. When she sacrifices herself for Samheed it shows how selfless she is.



She and Lani are friends, and are notably closer to each other, as they are the girls of the group. However, at one point, Lani is mentioned to be jealous of Meghan, as Alex supposedly ignores Lani when Meghan is around. Alex starts paying more attention to Lani, even when Meghan is around as they all socialize easily now, as Lani, Samheed and Meghan don't have their thorn necklaces anymore. After the first book, they continue to become very close best friends and hang out all the time.


In the bus, Alex mentions her as a familiar face. He was either a close acquaintance or slight friend of hers prior to the Purge. Afterwards, they stick together in Artime. It is possible that Alex may have been interested in her originally but loses romantic interest in her, as her role slightly diminishes towards the end. In addition, through Lani's point of view, she believes that Alex originally preferred Meghan to her.

However, Meghan is very much aware of Lani and Alex's developing relationship (even rolling her eyes after discovering them in an argument.). Because of this, she often hangs out with Samheed while Alex and Lani talk.

Alex and Meghan are very close, and in Island of Silence he saved her life before she drowned. In Island of Legends, Alex doesn't spend as much time with her as he used to, but he still considers Meghan one of his main best friends. The last time Meghan and Alex interacted was when she was dying at the battle, but he never got to say anything to her since she was fading too fast.


When Alex was first reaching out to Samheed, Meghan was hesitant, but was, nonetheless, polite and nice to him. As he began to become more part of their group, Meghan gets closer to him. At one point, while Samheed is working in the library with Will Blair on a "project", Meghan assists him by supplying him with knowledge Lani had gained from reading. At the end of the novel, she is notably sleeping in a chair by his bed in the infirmary. It is implied that she may have a crush on him, and Samheed may have had a crush on her, too.

In "The Island of Silence", Lani states to Alex that Samheed has a crush on Meghan, pointing out his contempt to Cole Wickett, another Unwanted music talent spending time with Meghan. Meghan is very much oblivious to her two "suitors". (This very much serves as amusement to Lani, and, later, Alex.)

In "Island of Fire", it Meghan shows how hurt she was when she talks to Samheed about holding on the ladder for hours, and nobody coming. Also, any romantic feelings between them that had been there before Lani's and Samheed's imprisonment was gone. They are only close friends, having a best friend relationship just like with that whole group.


Sean is Meghan's brother, who was purged a couple years before her, and was pronounced "Unwanted." Sean was sent to Artime. They haven't seen each other in years, but they reunite in the first book, The Unwanteds. They care a lot about each other, and Meghan loves her brother. She is kind of jealous of him, because when he went to Quill his parents were happy to see him, but not Meghan, and she turned a tiny bit bitter because of that.