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Mr. Today is the creator of Artimé, the twin brother of the former High Priest Justine, and father to Claire Morning. He is from Warbler Island. He and High Priest Justine started to plan Quill when they were fourteen. He used his magical powers to remove the memories of their previous island and their magical powers from the first people of Quill.


Soon after Marcus robbed the memories of the mages, Justine became High Priest and began the Purge, separating the inhabitants of Quill into groups: Wanted, Necessary, and Unwanted. Marcus put all the Unwanteds outside the Walls of Quill under a sleeping spell. This continued until Marcus's daughter, Claire Morning, was declared Unwanted. He left Quill and created Artimé, where he welcomed all the future Unwanteds, unbeknownst to Justine.

Mr. Today's IdentityEdit

Mr. Today is the founder of Artimé. He is an old mage whom Artimé would crumble without. He created the mansion in which all of the Unwanteds secretly live, with animated statues, platyprots, beavopps, a winged turtle named Jim, and other mythical creatures. He saves the Unwanteds, who have always been told they are condemned to die, and teaches them magic and gives them a place to live safely and practice the arts, ever since his daughter Claire Morning was declared Unwanted. He is described as an old man with electrocuted-looking white hair, and colorful robes. Mr. Today's real name is Marcus Today, and he is the High Priest Justine's twin.

Mr. Today's Death Edit

In The Unwanteds: Island of Silence, Mr. Today is going through his tube to visit High Priest Haluki and is surprised to find Aaron standing in Haluki's house, in which Aaron had been living in for a while. Mr. Today and Aaron are both surprised to see one another. Mr. Today draws a pen and uses a highlighter spell to blind Aaron, but Aaron takes five heart attack spells and fires them at Mr. Today. Before Mr. Today dies, he sends one last message to Alex. Aaron and his accomplices then capture Claire Morning, who came through the tube with Mr. Today.