Kaylee Jones is a girl from the United States of America (Massachusettes).She was saved from the Island of Graves by Alex, Aaron and Sky.

Kaylee mentions that she was competing as the youngest contestant in a global sailboat race around the world when a storm overtook her and transported her to a place where she began sailing up a waterfall. After the water leveled out again, Kaylee was swept into the horrible hurricane surrounding the Island of Shipwrecks.

Kaylee also has several items unknown to the Unwanteds but commonplace in our world such as a surfboard and a cellphone.

She was mentioned by Ishibashi Junpei in Island of Shipwrecks. Ishibashi had said that a determined-looking girl had escaped the hurricane island after only staying for three days.

In Island of Graves, she tells Alex and Sky that she managed to escaped the island by going with the wind. However, her boat hit some rocks which caused it to spring a leak and she had to stop on the next island. Her boat unfortunately sunk, and she was terrified. There she found herself surrounded by carnivorous gorillas (who ate meat that was bigger than usual) but managed to survive by singing to them. She wasn't able to catch any pigs to eat meat, so she was forced to eat small amounts of plants every day.

After a long and tumultuous journey, Aaron, Alex, and Sky found and saved her after fighting the gorillas off.

In Dragon Captives she has a baby named Daniel with Aaron

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Personality Edit

Although we don't know much about Kaylee, we know she is friendly, strong-willed, and brave. She also likes to lighten the mood by making jokes, and likes to tease Aaron a lot. Ishibashi described her as a nice, quiet girl who was very determined to go home.

Relationships Edit

Sky: Sky helps rescue Kaylee from the Island of Graves. When on the boat, they become friends and Kaylee is extremely grateful to finally be around people. They are also seen together later at the battle against Gondoleery.

Alex: Alex helped rescue Kaylee from the Island of Graves. He, like the others, are very confused on where she's from and how she got here. They become friends.

Aaron: Although Aaron doesn't talk a ton in front of Kaylee, Kaylee teases him and calls him 'very serious.' They still talk afterward too, and they walk together in the battle against Gondoleery. It is mentioned that Aaron trusts Kaylee and relates to her in a lot of ways. They become married and have a child named Daniel.