High Priest Justine was the High Priest of Quill and major antagonist who served when Alex Stowe was purged.

Before QuillEdit

She and her twin brother, Marcus Today, or Mr. Today, came from Warbler Island which is west of Artime. The Warbler Island queen, Queen Eagala, is the sister of Justine and Marcus Today. They met many people on their adventures including General Haluki. They founded Quill at some point, and Marcus erased every memory about the outside world from every Quillen save for Haluki.


High Priestess Justine is first seen during the purge when she purges Alex Stowe, Meghan Ranger, Lani Haluki, and Samheed Burkesh as Unwanteds. Aaron Stowe is announced as a Wanted. Aaron quickly ran through the ranks of the Quillitary, becoming her new secretary. Aaron tells her about Alex coming to him and about Artimé. She is furious and attacks immediately. She later dies, as Lani casts a lethal killing spell on her.

Personality Edit

Justine hates creativity so much so that when Artimé was discovered, she quickly waged war on them. It is unknown why Justine hates creativeness but Eva Fathom mentions that when they were young, Justine couldn't use any magic.

Justine was a great bully when she was young.