The Island of Silence is one of the neighboring islands of the Island of Quill.It is Warbler Island. In spite of its name, the Island of Silence is completely quiet. No sound of people, creatures, or from the water. Queen Eagala is the ruler of this island. She looks like Justine. Because she wanted her captives to work with no distraction, she inserts necklaces made out of thorns into their necks. There is also a silence spell within the island. Also, she wanted to identify her people. So, she added orange eye drops to their eyes. Two orange-eyed newcomers escape from Warbler. They are Sky and Crow. Alex has a crush on Sky. Shortly after that, Meghan, Lani, and Samheed go on a vacation. They get captured. Meghan is saved by Alex and Simber, but Lani and Samheed stay there for a month before being rescued by the Artiméans in Island of Fire. In Island of Legends, Warblerans seek revenge and send a fleet of ships to Artimé to battle and take back their people.