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Henry Haluki is Lani's brother. He was purged at age 10. His mother died in the second book, Island of Silence while fighting for Artimé. His father is High Priest Gunnar Haluki. Henry heals many injured Artemeans, especially during battles. Thatcher is his "partner in all things".

Appearance Edit

Henry has blue eyes and black hair, and he looks very similar to Lani. Kaylee guesses that both he and Lani have roots from either Asia or the Polynesian islands. He is around age 13 by book 7, Island of Dragons, and 23 in Dragon Captives.

Personality Edit

Henry is smart and he likes to help everyone who needs it. He is an excellent healer (one of the best healers in all of Artimé ), and he is always working in the hospital ward especially when battles are going on. He is kind, generous, and hardworking.


Island of FireEdit

Henry acts like a shadow to Alex. He is constantly helping Alex by bringing him food and water and staying by his side. He becomes very good friends with Crow, and is the first to learn the boy's name.

Island of LegendsEdit

Henry assists in the rescue of Sky's mother, Copper. He helps particularly on the mission with Medicine. He uses most of his medicine trying to save Lhasa before Kitten does so. Kitten stays in Henry's pocket often.

Island of ShipwrecksEdit

Henry receives seaweed from Ishibashi that heals all ailments, and extends its consumers life and makes them invincible (in small a dose), and makes them immortal (in a large enough dose). When Meghan dies, he wonders if he should have saved her with the seaweed. He asks Alex if he'd want a life extension if given the choice, and Alex replied that he would never want his life extended from unnatural causes. Henry then knew if Alex was hurt so bad that the only way to save him was by feeding him the seaweed, he could let him go knowing it was what the mage wanted.

Island of DragonsEdit

Henry feeds Karkinos (a giant crab, aka the Island of Legends) a large dose of the magical seaweed, saving the crab from going over a waterfall and dying. Henry informs Alex of the tragedy of the loss of movement in his left arm. Henry grows closer to Thatcher, a boy from Warbler, throughout this book. They are seen having philosophical talks together.

Dragon CaptivesEdit

Henry doesn't play much of a role in this book. He is, however, established as being Thatcher's partner and it is said that from the age of 20 they began adopting Unwanted children together.

Dragon BonesEdit

Henry heals Fifer after she and Thatcher come back to Artimé. When Jim goes to retrieve Henry, he heads down the Family Hall, providing the knowledge that Henry lives with Thatcher and their adopted children.


Lani HalukiEdit

Lani is Henry's older sister by 3 years. They are very close.

Gunnar HalukiEdit

Gunnar is Henry's father. Gunnar cares about his son very much, even sending him to Artimé before he was even 13.


Thatcher is Henry's "partner in all things". They have many adopted Unwanted children together. Although Lisa has confirmed them to be a couple, whether or not they are married remains likely but unknown.

Alex StoweEdit

Henry looks up to and respects Alex greatly. Alex filled a brotherly role to Henry during the period of no magic.


Crow is Henry's best friend, and they have been since Island of Fire.