Before QuillEdit

He sometime meets Mr.Today and High Priestess Justine. They later go to Quill and Mr.Today erases every Quillian memory of other islands but not his. Some time he settles down and has two kids Lani Haluki and Henry Haluki while he rises to High Governor of High Priestess Justine in line of the next High Priest if Justine dies. Some time, which is not known, Mr.Today put a binding spell on him which let him turn into a wolf at night and travel to Artimé. He gave information to Mr.Today about what his twin sister was doing.

Purging his daughterEdit

He purges his daughter, Lani Haluki, who, in turn, hates him for it. She didn't know that he knows about Artimé and that he was a spy. He purged her because he knew she would have a better future with Mr Today and the other Unwanteds. She later sees him in the first Quill vs. Artimé  battle in the forest but turns into a a wolf while being shot by his daughter. He later explains how he was a spy and because she killed High Priestess Justine he is now High Priest. He says they will be peace and that the Purge is tomorrow and the next day he purges his son, Henry. He does this for the same reason as he did for Lani.

Island of SilenceEdit

High Priest Haluki tried to keep the peace between Quill and Artimé  but failed because of Aaron Stowe's effort to win supporters, after he got kicked out of the Wanted University. While Aaron started living in Haluki's old house Mr. Today gave Haluki a gargoyle who has a brother in Artimé which let them communicate between each other. Aaron later kidnaps him and kills Mr.Today with Alex Stowe's heart attack components. When Quillian officers come to check up on him he says that he appoints Aaron Stowe as the new High Priest. The officers are unbelieving at first but Haluki says its true. As they leave, it is revealed that Aaron has a gun to his head.