Florence, a statue and Magical Warrior, was made by Mr. Today. She has powerful bow and a quiver full of magic-infused arrows. She used one arrow on the elusive eel on the Island of Legends. During the 4th book she fought the giant eel, but she lost and was dragged into Pirate Island cells. She and Copper, Sky's mother, were rescued and taken to their ship. Later on, she is dragged of the ship and is taken to the Island of Legends where Talon, a bronze giant, greets her. They develop feelings for each other and are quite unhappy when they have to part.

Apperance Edit

Island of shipwrecks

Florence at the right side of the cover.

Florence is a dark ebony black as she was carved from ebony. She is very, very tall and heavy. She wears a bow and quiver on her back. She is depicted on the cover of Island of Shipwrecks, along with Alex, Sky and Simber.

The Unwanteds Edit

In the first book the Unwanted children first meat Florence in the entry way if the mansion along with SImber. She helps them fight against Quill in the first battle.

Island of Silence Edit


At Island of Shipwrecks

Florence makes few appearances on this book. She also frozen for a fourth of it.

Island of Fire Edit

Florence is still frozen for part of this book. She is used as a climbing device to get on the roof of the Gray shack, where Alex and Sky spend time together. When she is unfrozen she is very sad about the news of Marcus's death. She also plays a vital role in the rescue of Lani and Samheed.

Island of Legends Edit

In this book Florence helps fight against Warblers first attack. After they fend off Queen Eagala, they he'd out to rescue Copper. Along the way they run into the giant eel. Florence tries to take it on single handedly, but fails and is captured in the pirates undersea prision. Alex and Simber get into a fight on whether or not Florence breathes. As it turned out later when she was rescued by Spike, she doesn't.