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Queen Eagala is the queen of Warbler, who looks exactly like the High Priest Justine. This is because she is Marcus's and Justine's younger sister as mentioned in Island of Fire. Unlike her silent subjects, she does not have the ring of thorns around her neck that renders the wearer unable to speak. She makes Lani Haluki and Samheed Burkesh her latest subjects. Lani is put to work in the thorn necklace making place, and Samheed works as a shipbuilder. Once the Artimeans' come to rescue Samheed and Lani and succeed Queen Eagala sends the Warblers to Artime to retrieve Samheed, Lani, Meghan, Crow, and Sky who escaped. She has some magical ability and uses it to silence Warbler Island. She is eventually sent to the Island of Fire in the haunted ship after the battle between her, the pirates, and Artime. However, she survives, and moves to the land of the dragons as shown in Dragon Captives.

Warbler IslandEdit

Warbler is a totally silent island that Queen Eagala rules over. The only reason is doing that is to keep everyone "safe" from outsiders. Years ago, when she was young, she went on a trip to find her brother because him and her sister went exploring and found hostility from other islands. When she returned from her journey, she found out that her beloved father, the king, had died. Then, Eagala would become queen of Warbler Island. She wanted to keep her people safe and forced them to work underground and whisper. She cut any connections between other islands. When people rebelled because of being forced to whisper she stoped talking over all by sewing thorns into their necks, forcing them to talk using sign language. And to make it even more quiet on Warbler, she cast a sound barrier spell that took sound away from the whole island, making even the waves around the shore soundless.

Land of DragonsEdit

After having her spell broken by Fifer Stowe, the pirate ship Queen Eagala was on returned to the Island of Fire because of all the pirates that had dies on board. There it was sucked down into the whirlpool and was never seen in The Seven Islands again. When Thisbe, Fifer, and Seth went to the land of the dragons, they discovered that Queen Eagala was not only alive, but secretly ruling over everything and known as The Revinir. She captured Thisbe and forced her to work underground in catacombs. Eventually Alex came to rescue his lost sister, but before he could, The Revinir shot him in the chest with a spear of dragon fire which presumably killed him.