Claire Morning is the beloved and sweet music teacher in Artimé. She is the daughter of the mage, Mr. Today, and was part of the reason (as said in the book) that Artimé was created since she was declared an Unwanted. She first appears on Meghan Ranger's blackboard to teach her how to play an instrument. She loves helping around Artimé, but when her father asks her if she'd like to be his successor and the next mage, she turns down the offer since she prefers helping rather than leading. She is captured in the second book and locked up in a closet as Aaron ordered his Restorers to. Liam Healy, one of the people who guarded her closet door, was once friends with Claire before she was "eliminated." She is Meghan's teacher. Meghan is said to admire her.

Island of SilenceEdit

In island of Silence, Claire Morning and Mr. Today were on their way to a meeting with the then-High Priest Gunnar Haluki. Mr. Today is killed by Aaron with multiple heart attack spells. Claire is kidnapped by Aaron's Restorers.


Ms. Morning is described as beautiful-tall and slim, with golden hair.