Artimé is the 'Death Farm' where all of Quill's Unwanteds go after the Purge. It was formerly run by Mr. Today, and is currently run by brand new mage and Artime's restorer, Alex Stowe.

Artimé is a magical world where creatures such as Beavops, Squirrelicorns, and Platyprots roam freely. The rooms in the mansion are very large, and they have all sorts of gadgets, from necessities like a bathroom and bed to strange things, like transport tubes and talking blackboards. It has a beach, lagoon, jungle, and a lawn where residents can have picnics or play games.

Artimé vs. QuillEdit

Unlike Artimé , Quill is a very bland place.It is mentioned in the first book that the brightest color is the green on the trees in the nursery. There is a concrete wall surrounding Quill and a barbed wire ceiling above it. The people of Quill do not know that there are other islands besides their own, like Warbler Island and Pirate Island.

There is not very much clean water in Quill and food is scarce. That is until Aaron Stowe made the Favored Farm. All the animals in Quill are stray and close to dying, and no one has a pet. Unlike people in Artimé, Quillians are not allowed to feel emotion.