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Alexander ("Alex") was the main protagonist of the original Unwanteds series, and the head mage of Artimé. His twin brother, Aaron Stowe, was the antagonist for the beginning of the series, and his sisters, Fifer and Thisbe, are the main protagonists of the Quests series. He was Purged from Quill and sent to his death when he was declared Unwanted, after an unspecified number of infractions. He has a talent for art and is naturally good at magic.


Alex has long, wavy, dark brown hair with warm, chocolate brown eyes. When Kaylee is trying to guess his ancestry, she describes him as kind of ambiguous; she guesses his mother is from northern Africa or somewhere tropical, like Tahiti. His father is potentially from Southern European descent, somewhere like Italy, and Alex looks more like him. His hair is longer than Aaron's in Quests. At the end of Island of Fire, he starts wearing Mr. Today's magical robes constantly. He has a scar on his chest from an almost lethal scatterclip.

  • “...the boy with the kind brown eyes...” - The Unwanteds, "Defense" (197)
  • “...while his mirror image absorbed the insults, his deep chocolate eyes changing from anger, to hurt, to pity.” - The Unwanteds, "Together Again" (268)
  • “The wind had twisted Alex’s dark brown hair into tangled curls...It was getting long, and Alex had good reason for not cutting it.” - Island of Silence, "Exposed" (2)
  • “In fact, Alex’s deep brown eyes held none of the warmth they’d held a few moments earlier...” - Island of Silence, "The Way It Is with Twins—Threedux" (381)
  • “Sometimes he leaned his head of dark tangled curls or pressed a dirty cheek against the pane...” - Island of Fire, "The Death Farm" (1)
  • “He opened his lanky arms awkwardly and hugged her.” - Island of Fire, "Exodus" (40)
  • “His clothes were ragged and dusty, his face smudged with dirt, his hair a tangled nest of dark brown curls.” - Island of Fire, "A Little Help" (56)
  • “ him put the robe on. It was a bit too long, a bit too wide, but it draped nicely.” - Island of Fire, "Where You First Saw Me" (88)
  • “...and then at Alex, whose long dark ringlets were tangled once again...” - Island of Fire, "The Long Night" (368)
  • “She looked into his eyes, so brown and earnest.” - Island of Fire, "A Promise" (422)
  • “After tripping a few times on the long hem, Sky took the robes and tailored them to fit him.” - Island of Fire, "Back to Normal" (425)
  • “Alex opted for a single pirate eye patch as his mask, which wouldn’t clash with his brightly colored robe. He sat at his dressing table combing his hair and trimming the ends of it with a magical finger scissors he created on the spot for such an occasion. He wanted his hair to look nice and fresh, as it had grown into long waves by now.” - Island of Fire, "Masquerade" (430)
  • "He fumbled with his sandals for several agonizing seconds...” - Island of Fire, "Masquerade" (435)
  • “He pushed his shock of wet curls out of his eyes.” - Island of Legends, "The Big Cat's Worst Nightmare" (278)
  • “The boys resembled their fair-skinned, dark-haired father...” - Island of Graves, "Tiny Personalities" (28)
  • “You’re sort of ambiguous. Maybe southern Europe, like Italy.” - Island of Dragons, "The Dragon's Triangle" (82)
  • “He ripped his hand through his dark brown tangles.” - Dragon Captives, "A Fight" (16)
  • “Alex was rarely seen without the colorful robe of the head mage. He wore his dark brown wavy hair longer than Aaron, who kept his cropped short.” - Dragon Captives, "Living Life in Peace" (54)
  • “His face was scruffy...” - Dragon Bones, "Continuing Clashes" (157)

Note: Please look at Aaron and Mr. Stowe's pages as well, as Alex looks similar to them.


Alex is a hardworking leader, despite claiming otherwise, who is often selfless and empathetic. Alex really cares about people in trouble, and isn't afraid to risk things to help others. He tries to help others even when he can't, though he struggles with his own emotions and telling others how he's actually feeling. He can be rash to others at times, and can be oblivious to how others are feeling, especially when it comes to romance. He matures over the course of the series, but becomes more angry and sad when he loses the ability to use his left hand in Island of Dragons.



When Alex was ten years old his parents told him that he would be an Unwanted[1]. He and his twin brother, Aaron, were caught drawing in the mud with a stick; while Aaron was actually the one drawing, he was mistaken for Alex, and Alex gained the infraction. Alex was always a creative child, and had gained multiple infractions. He had encouraged Aaron to draw a house in the mud at his example. 

The Unwanteds

On the day of the Purge, 13-year-old Alex is declared Unwanted and sent to his death. His twin brother was sent to the university for Wanteds. Alex was put on a bus with the other Unwanteds his age, including Meghan Ranger, Lani Haluki, and Samheed Burkesh.

Alex enters the Death Farm terrified but prepared for death, but instead of being killed, he is saved by Artimé's head mage, Marcus Today. Alex and the other Unwanteds are afraid, but Alex quickly adjusts and explores the mansion after a tour. Meghan's older brother, Sean, shows him how to use art supplies.

Alex quickly befriends Lani and warms up to Samheed. He and Samheed start spying on Mr. Today's office together, discovering cameras in Quill, including one showing Aaron's room. He's upset when Meghan is moved up to Magical Warrior Training, and this only continues when the rest of his friends start their training, too. He tries his best, isolating himself from his friends to try and become better, but is never moved up. It is revealed that Mr. Today was holding him back, for fear that he would go after Aaron. He was correct, as Alex quickly discovers 3-D doors and begins to make one based off of Aaron's door.

Soon, Mr. Today realizes his mistake and moves Alex into Magical Warrior Training. Alex continues his 3-D door, until overhearing Samheed and Will Blair planning to do the same. However, Will wants to kill Aaron and take his place. Alex decides to sneak into Mr. Today's office and attempt to convince Aaron to join him in Artimé.

Aaron is tempted to join them, but ends up (somewhat accidentally) reporting the incident. This sparks the first battle between Quill and Artimé. Alex fights at the front of the battle at the beginning. Alex then accompanies Mr. Today to Quill's palace, but is hit with a lethal scatterclip from Aaron. Luckily, he survives.

Island of Silence

Alex and his friends are part of Advanced Magical Warrior Training, and have spent lots of time developing new spells, including the 'heart attack' spell.

Mr. Today prepares Alex for mage duties. He believes Alex has great magical abilities and leadership potential. Alex doubts his abilities, but is eventually forced into it. When Mr. Today planned to have a holiday, he made Alex his temporary replacement and told him some of his secrets. This sparks problems between Lani and Alex.

Afterward, two silent, orange-eyed teenagers were found on the shores of Artimé. This reveals that there may be other islands, and Alex's friends take Ms. Morning's boat to have an adventure. They journey to Warbler without him, because he's too busy helping Mr. Today.

When it's discovered that the boat went missing, Alex and Simber go out to the nearest island, Warbler, to seek out their friends. They found Meghan and as they were on their way back, Simber froze and fell into the sea. The crash sent Alex and Meghan into the sea. He swam back, dragging Meghan with him and found that Artimé had disappeared. At the end of the book, Alex finds that Aaron had killed Mr. Today, using the 'heart attack' spell Alex had created.

Island of Fire

Alex becomes the new head mage of a now starving and suffering Artimé. He struggles to restore Artimé using the riddle Mr. Today had left him. During this time, he becomes closer with the two orange-eyed teenagers, Sky and Crow, and other Unwanteds. Mostly with Sky's help, he manages to restore Artimé.

Alex spends the rest of the book solving problems that have arisen from Artimé's fall and Mr. Today's death. This includes putting Ol' Tater back to sleep, finding ways out of the not-so-secret-hallway, saving Ms. Morning and Gunnar Haluki, and removing the thorns from around Meghan's neck.

After much planning and preparation, Alex begins his rescue mission to save Lani and Samheed. He repairs the pirate ship in the Museum of Large and gathers a team. Instead of going to Warbler like expected, the ship brings them to the Island of Fire. They explore the island briefly, and discover that Sky's mother is living as a slave underground. They decide to come back for her, and continue their rescue mission. Alex is wounded in the battle, leaving him sick and stuck in bed for weeks after they return.

The Unwanteds hold a masquerade party on Purge day. An airplane crashes, interrupting the party, and Aaron finds his way into Artimé through the tubes. At the very end of the book, ships are spotted, and Artimé prepares for an attack.

Island of Legends

Warbler attacks Artimé, but everyone ends up fine. Alex talks to the new Warbler children acquired from the fight, and they decide to stay in Artimé. Alex continues preparing to save Sky's mother. He also finishes Spike Furious, though she swims away after he brings her to life.

The team journeys to the Island of Fire, fight some pirates, free some sea creatures, have some arguments, end up escaping with Copper, Sky's mother, and are mostly alright. After saving Sky's mother, the team discovered the Island of Legends. They decide to stay there for a bit, befriending the creatures there, before leaving and falling down a waterfall looking for land to the west.

Island of Shipwrecks

Alex and his team crash on the Island of Shipwrecks, which is covered by a never-ending hurricane. They meet Ishibashi, Ito, and Sato. Alex struggles with his leadership position and what to do now, especially with their lack of supplies. He ends up coming up with the flying carpet spell, which becomes their way out. They repair their ship using pieces of other shipwrecks around the island. He and Sky struggle to talk to each other, but end up fine.

The pirates come after Alex, wanting revenge, but end up grabbing Aaron instead. They crash him on the Island of Shipwrecks after the Artimé team returns.

The Quillitary attacks Artimé, and Meghan is killed in the attack. Many people are wounded, and Gondoleery Rattrapp freezes the whole island, making things much more difficult. Fifer and Thisbe are brought to Artimé after the death of their parents, and Alex feels a bit overwhelmed by his new responsibility for his younger sisters.

Alex feels Aaron die and be resurrected, and quickly tries to leave to find him.

Island of Graves

Alex decides to give up on Aaron, deciding Artimé is more important. He struggles to find a solution to Gondoleery, as she has become increasingly dangerous. He makes a spell called pulverize to try and kill her, but their assassination attempt fails, and he gets into an argument with Lani and Samheed over it.

Soon, they realize their only good solution is to find Aaron again, so Alex and Sky set out to find him. They meet Pan the water dragon and Kaylee, who's stuck on the Island of Graves. After retrieving Aaron and removing the hurricane from the Island of Shipwrecks, they save Kaylee as well and return to Artimé.

The Unwanteds, now including Aaron, fight against Gondoleery. She kills Simber and wounds many, seriously hurting Alex in the process, but they take her down. Quill is also burnt down, but Aaron manages to magically save Simber. This confirms that Aaron is becoming a better person.

Island of Dragons

Alex magically rebuilds Quill with the help of other Unwanteds. Alex and Aaron build wings for Pan's children, and it's revealed that Aaron can do the live spell. Aaron attempts to return to the Island of Shipwrecks, but there ends up being a huge attack on Artimé from the people of Warbler and the pirates. After much fighting and many familiar faces, the battle is over. Alex is cleaning up on their ship when he is surprise attacked by Queen Eagala. She slices into his shoulder, paralyzing his left arm permanently; he jumps off the ship and it returns to the Island of Fire, which he assumes kills her.

Alex is devastated at the loss of his left arm and his ability to create art.

Dragon Captives

Ten years later, Alex is still feeling the loss of his left arm. He's barely the same person from the original series, and isn't very close with his younger sisters, often getting into fights with them. When Hux appears in Artimé asking for help, he refuses, believing he can't do it, and wanting to keep the peace. When Fifer and Thisbe sneak out to solve the problem on their own, Alex is furious. He sends Carina and Thatcher to find them, and worries at home about what to do.

Dragon Bones

Alex is shocked when Fifer returns home to Artimé very badly wounded. When he's told that Sky is also missing and presumed dead, he's destroyed. He promises to not let Fifer go back there, and then begins training to cast spells again. He refuses over and over to let Fifer return to Grimere. New wings are created for the young dragons, and Alex leaves with Arabis, Talon, Simber, and a rescue team to try and find Thisbe. Fifer follows, and while Alex is angry when she first arrives, the two of them start to actually bond.

While trying to save Thisbe, Alex is surprise attacked by the Revinir, who is actually Queen Eagala. He is killed in the encounter, and the magic disappears.

Dragon Ghosts

Alex's funeral is held.

Dragon Fury

Aaron dies in an epilogue at the end of the book, and opens the door in the not-a-secret-to-anybody-anymore hallway. He finds all of the deceased Unwanteds, including Alex, who is happy to be reunited with his brother once again.


Aaron Stowe

Aaron is Alex's twin brother, and the two are magically linked to each other. They can feel when the other dies. They are close growing up, and Alex takes one of Aaron's infractions. The two become enemies after Aaron becomes High Priest of Quill, and Aaron tries to kill him. After Island of Graves, Aaron seriously changes, and the two become much closer again.

Meghan Ranger

Meghan is Alex's best friend. He witnessed her infraction and the two were always close. They hold hands in the first book!

Lani Haluki

Lani is Alex's best friend, and was at one point a love interest. The two often argue, but work well together.

Samheed Burkesh

Samheed and Alex started out the series hating each other, but became very close friends. They tease each other and argue often, but they're great and happy and amazing.


Sky is Alex's partner in the books. She helped him restore Artimé and the two went on many adventures together. They struggle to communicate and argue a lot, they're really awkward, but they can reliably fight side by side.

Fifer and Thisbe

Alex struggles with the responsibility of raising his sisters on top of his head mage duties. The two are very naturally gifted, and it makes Alex worried for the safety of himself and others. He doesn't fully believe in them, and is upset when they leave to help the young dragons. He cares about them and wants to protect them, and even goes on the quest to save Thisbe. He and Fifer are close at the end of Dragon Bones.

Other Notable Relationships

Mr. Today becomes a mentor figure in Alex's life, and he's very upset by his death. Ms. Octavia is Alex's art teacher, who he becomes very close with over the course of the series. Simber and Florence are Alex's statue friends, who protect him and help him run Artimé. Alex is friends with the majority of the other Unwanteds and people from other islands.



Alex is very talented when it comes to anything art-related. He creates a 3-D door, an incredibly difficult piece of artwork, during his first year in Artimé. Eventually, his artistic talents are so great that he makes a 3-D drawing of one of the young dragons. Unfortunately, he loses this ability after his left arm is paralyzed in Island of Dragons.

Alex couldn't see the not-so-secret-hallway when he first arrived in Artimé, but that quickly changed.

Alex can do a lot of magic. He's good at creating spells. He is also able to do elemental magic to get rid of the hurricane over the Island of Shipwrecks, and brought Artimé back.


  • Alex's name means "defender of men," likely because of his head mage position and his natural leadership skills.
  • Alex is left-handed (until Island of Dragons), but multiple covers have him using his right hand to cast spells.
  • Alex is the least magical out of his siblings, being unable to see the not-so-secret-hallway at the beginning of the series while the rest of them can with no training. He also has no special magical abilities, besides being good at casting spells.


All artwork is used with permission from the artists.


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