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Aaron Stowe

Other Names

High Priest of Quill




Approx. 17 (Island of Dragons) Approx. 27 (Unwanteds Quests)



Known Relatives

Alex Stowe (twin brother)
Thisbe Stowe (younger sister)
Fifer Stowe (younger sister)
Kaylee Jones (wife)
Daniel Stowe (son)
Mr. Stowe (father)
Mrs. Stowe (mother)

Aaron Stowe is Alexander Stowe's twin brother. He is a Wanted and he was the High Priest of Quill. He was also the leader and creator of a group of followers The Restorers, who try to make Quill become the same as it was when High Priest Justine was alive. However he changed his ways in the last books. 

Appearance Edit

Aaron looks exactly like Alex but with Quillitary haircut that grows out longer as he abandons his Quill ways. He has brown hair and brown eyes with a more "haunted" look than Alex. He also has a long scar on his forehead from when the Pirates from the Island of Fire kidnapped him and left him to die near the Island of Shipwrecks, but Ishibashi saved him with the magical seaweed that lets you live somewhat eternally.

Personality Edit

Although Aaron acts as though he is the most important and powerful person in the world, he will often behave in very cowardly ways. Aaron cannot seem to settle on one decision for more than a few days because of stupid, paranoid, or fearful reasons.

(Eva Fathom constantly thinks he is an arrogant, ignorant child).

Aaron looks down upon the Unwanted, yet he will sometimes draw and sketch, and design/ create machines and ideas to help himself think. His twin brother, Alex, visited him and he saw Aaron sketching and called him out for being the coward he is. Alex punched him in the face, causing him to fall, before leaving. Surprisingly Aaron was not angry with Alex for hitting him, instead he recognized that he deserved it.

Yet his behavior changes drastically in book six, where he is washed onto the Island of Shipwrecks. The three old scientists who live there (Ito, Sato and Ishibashi) shape him up, and he slowly gains manners, and is now a kind, polite, boy who now can cook pretty well. He's also described as 'really serious' by Kaylee. He is constantly afraid he'll change back into his old self.


Aaron became a Wanted. This is because Alex was drawing in the mud and Aaron joined. Aaron was caught, but their parents thought that he was Alex, due to the fact that Alex already had something on his record and they looked identical. 

The UnwantedsEdit

During the day of the Purge, Aaron was a Wanted. He went to the Wanted University and advanced quickly due to his brilliant thinking. He was the one who created the Favored Farm. High Priest Justine took particular interest in him and she soon invited him to private meetings. 

One night, Alex came to him through a magical doorway and invited him to join Artimé. Aaron declined however and believing it was a dream, did not report the incident to Justine. Instead he planned to acquire oil from the Death Farm and in doing so, find out if Artimé was real or not. 

Aaron participated in the battle between Artimé and Quill. He fired scatterclips at Alex but was unsuccessful in killing his brother. High Priest Justine was killed by Lani, and Gunnar Haluki becomes High Priest. 

Island of SilenceEdit

Aaron lost everything after Justine's death and the rise of Gunnar Haluki. However, he did not die as he stole food from his Favored Farm. He created a group called the Restorers and rallied the people Quill with promises of restoring Quill if they all help him. 

Aaron kills Mr. Today with five heart attack components. The Restorers take Mr. Today's daughter, Claire Morning, captive. They also take High Priest Haluki captive by choking him until he passes out, afterwards. Eventually, their plan succeeds and High Priest Haluki allows Aaron to become High Priest.

Island of FireEdit

Aaron grows curious about the purpose of the walls around Quill. He orders for part of the wall to be broken down beside the palace the size of the palace gate. One of the workers was his father who even though worked really hard was sent to the Ancients Sector because he was being 'rude' to his son. Aaron changes his mind after that and instead wanted his family's utmost allegiance to him. He finds out that his mother is having another set of twins. 

Aaron began to grow paranoid and demands Eva to gather a list of enemies in Quill for him. After Gunnar and Claire's rescue, he began to grow wary of his followers. He also began to fear attackers from other islands and ordered the walls to be put up again. Later though, he changes his mind and instead have a small window made into the wall. 

When he heard the booming noises, he took the tube in Haluki's house to Artime. After seeing Queen Eagala's fleets approaching Artimé, he ran to the tube and pushed all the buttons at once. 

Island of Legends Edit

Aaron lands in a jungle where a panther attacks him. He stumbles back and thinking the creature could be of use to him, went back to the jungle the next day. He lied to the caretaker (a giant rock) of the jungle about his true identity, telling it instead that he was Alex. and the rock believing him, told him to fix the Panther's tail.

He fixed it and soon befriended the Panther. The rock told him that Panther would do anything he says and Aaron began to form a plan.

Back in Quill, Aaron had about enough of Eva's attitude. He sent her to the Ancients Sector, while she pleaded for him to listen to her advice. Later, he took two heart attack components and went back to the jungle. He took the Panther for a walk and then as they neared Quill, ordered the Panther to scare the people on the lawn.

His plan backfired, however, as the Panther went and killed Eva who sacrificed herself to protect the people. Aaron panicked and fired the heart attack components, temporarily stunning the Panther.

Island of Shipwrecks Edit

Aaron ran into the jungle, hiding from the rock and returned to Quill. He felt sad and lost without Eva. He lied to the Quillens that Eva was killed by the Artiméans and built rage in them, hoping for a full-out war.

After having run out of options to defeat Artimé, he decided to make an alliance with the Quillitary. He built a machine that could crush cashews and nuts to create efficient oil for the Quillitary and ordered for the walls around the island to be taken down, only then did General Blair (who had lived all along) agreed to go along with him.

Blair's rude attitude unsettled Aaron and he soon began to doubt his allegiance. Aaron also began to doubt himself, thinking everything he has done has only ended in failure because he was always ignorant. Gondoleery appeared one night, telling him she is actually working with the general. She shot a shard of ice at his arm, threatened him, and asked for his obedience.

Feeling totally useless by now and only realizing that Gondoleery was his true enemy all along, Aaron decides to go back to the jungle. He trained the Panther to sit and attack. Especially the general. He then gets kidnapped by a some pirates, mistaken for Alex. He is starved then, thrown overboard left to die. He gets badly injured and is rendered unconscious. He washes up on the Island of Shipwrecks. He is fed the magical seaweed by Ishibashi because he is again mistaken for Alex.

The Island of Graves Edit

When he regains consciousness, he wakes up in a cave in the Island of Shipwrecks. He reaches out hoping to feel the jungle floor. He falls asleep again injured and tired. When he regains enough strength to stay awake, Ishibashi talks to him, tired of being mistaken for Alex, he finally decides to say who he is , "The twin that everyone hates".

Ishibashi immediately dislikes Aaron. Aaron is being bossy and rude to him. He doesn't listen to Aaron's demands, and lets him starve. He tries to drink tea but his rude attitude makes Ishibashi walk away with the tea to teach Aaron a lesson. Same with when he demands food. He isn't given any. He slowly learns his lesson and slowly regains his strength. When he can finally walk, he joins the three older men for meals, and eventually learns about how he needs to respect and treat them fairly or else he won't get any outcome. He grows wiser but makes many mistakes along the way. When he builds up his strength and their trust, he helps with chores and even goes outside to help out with the hurricane. During his limited time outside, he starts building the broken tube and fixing it. The three old men are frightened by this, as they want to keep an eye on him. They have him help them bring in broken items from the sunken ship, such as a telescope. He fixes many of the broken items they give him and they are extremely grateful. By now, he had respect for people, and he was growing wiser each day. He finally learned the way of the island of Shipwrecks and he had changed for the better.

He hides when the hurricane at the island stops because he knows it must be Alex's doing. He doesn't want to leave the island and be the person he once was. He doesn't want to back to being bitter, selfish, and cowardly. Alex got there he notices Aaron's discipline and manners have changed for the better and is extremely surprised. He believes Aaron is pretending to change for a long time. He talks with Ishibashi and Sky about it.

After he says goodbye to everyone on the Island of Shipwrecks he boards the S.S Claire with Sky and Alex. At night he watches Sky kiss Alex on the forehead, and 'something broke inside him'. When Sky shows him where the pullout beds are and how to use them, she notices the slightly hurt look on his face identical to what Alex had on his face when he and Sky were on top of the roof in Island of Fire.

When Alex and Sky go to rescue Kaylee from the Island of the Graves, he is a bit nervous, but he sticks with them and stabbed the saber-toothed gorillas that attacked the Claire. At one point, since there is no other way off the island, they have to jump into the water. Kaylee and Sky go first, but Aaron refuses to go as he doesn't know how to swim. Alex reasures him everything will be fine, and they jump in the water together. When Aaron starts to drown, Alex grabs him and swims him to the safety of their boat.

When Kaylee teases him about his screaming and being too serious...he takes it seriously. A little after, Aaron actually makes a joke showing how he has abandoned his Quillen ways. He finds that he bonds with Kaylee a lot, and he can 'relate to feeling alone'. He and Kaylee talk more after that.

When they arrive at Artimé, Aaron surprises Florence along with everyone else about his new self, but proves Simber's theory. Everyone is still suspicious of him though, but he wants people to see he's changed and is a good person now.

Later, Aaron goes to Quill with a group of the Artimeans and attempts giving an announcement to the people of Quill so they will switch sides. As he gives the speech, he continuously looks at Kaylee since he knows she supports and trusts him. Then, the battle with Gondoleery begins suddenly and she starts attacking. Aaron didn't really know what to do but he stuck with Alex and used his knife to attempt fighting off people. Near the end of the battle, Gondoleery killed Simber with extremely powerful flames. Aaron was outraged; he threw a scatterclip to her face and said the lethal words. After killing Gondoleery, he comforts Alex and stays with him as he mourns Simber's death. He then comes up with an idea, and he slowly brings Simber back from the dead and recreates him.


At the end of the 3rd book when Aaron travels into Mr. Today's apartment via tube, he can in fact see through the secret passageway and into the mansion beyond, hinting that he has some sort of magic. It is revealed in the 4th book that Aaron is indeed a powerful magician as he effortlessly makes Panther a new tail twice. He is also skilled at using heart-attack and scatterclip components.

Though he dislikes creativity it is proven repeatedly that he has creative ideas like creating the Favored Farm and discovering a new way to create efficient oil by mashing up cashews and other nuts.

It is shown in book 5 that he could use the release spell and make things come alive without the Triad spell.

He revives Simber in the sixth book, and is now fully aware that he's capable of magic. But, his talents lie mostly in mechanics, and fixing things, such as Ishibashi's telescope.

Relationships Edit

Alex StoweEdit

Alex Stowe, the head mage of Artime, is Aaron's twin brother. Their relationship used to be very negative and foggy, but in the sixth book, Aaron and Alex make up. Aaron saves Alex two hits from Gondoleery's fireballs, and potentially saves his life.


Aaron has shown a small amount of feelings for Sky, but only because she is beautiful. In the sixth book, he spends a little time with her on the boat as well.

Kaylee JonesEdit

He has feelings for Kaylee because they can relate to being lonely. He later marries her.

ItoSato and Ishibashi JunpeiEdit

Aaron respects the three old men greatly as they had changed his behaviour and outlook on life.

Aaron Stowe's parents are deceased, and he has two younger sisters, Fifer and Thisbe, who he hasn't seen much yet.

Aaron has also grown relationships with Secretary (Eva) and Panther

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ex Stowe Aaron Stowe is the twin brother of Alex Stowe, head mage of Artime. Their relationship used to be very negative and foggy, but in the sixth book, Aaron and Alex make up. Aaron saves Alex two hits from Gondoleery's fireballs, and potentially saves his life.

Aaron has shown a small amount of feelings for Sky, but only because she is beautiful. In the sixth book, he spends a little time with her on the boat as well.

He has feelings for Kaylee because they can relate to being lonely

Aaron Stowe's parents are deceased, and he has two younger sisters, Fifer and Thisbe, who he hasn't seen much yet.

Aaron has also grown relationships with Secretary (Eva), Panther, and Ito, Sato, and Ishibashi. Aaron respects the three old men greatly as they had changed his behaviour and outlook on life.

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