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• 3/12/2019

Whats your favorite island?

  • Artime
  • Warbler
  • fire island
  • island of legends
  • Island of graves
  • Island of shipwrecks
  • island of dragons
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• 11/10/2018

Best couple

Who's the best couple?
  • Skylex (Sky and Alex)
  • Lanheed (Lani and Sam)
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• 7/22/2018

fav protagonist

  • Alex
  • Lani
  • Meghan
  • Samheed
  • Sky
  • Carina
  • Sean
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• 7/22/2018
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• 6/21/2018

Alex or Aaron

  • Alex
  • Aaron
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• 4/28/2018

Unwanteds is a good book

Whats ur fav part
  • when the quillitary dies
  • when alex gets depressed
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• 2/21/2018

Is Alex really dead?

As you know Alex (In the new unwanted quests book) dies. I think (or maybe hope) that Alex would not go out in such a, rr pathetic fashion, does anyone have any theory's. :)
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• 11/26/2017


As you may or may not know, our wiki was founded on February 16, 2012, by HeroesOfOlympus. While Heroes has, undeniably, contributed enormously to the wiki through her founding, she has failed to meet expectations as an adminstrator and a bureaucrat. She last edited on July 14 of this year, and has not replied to any messages on her wall or commented on the recent changes to the wiki. Her negligence of her role is mainly due to external factors, as said on her profile, but it is negligence nonetheless. I now propose to you that she be removed from her role as bureaucrat, effective immediately. Please discuss the situation below. The deadline for discussion will be December 1, after which we must come to a conclusion as a wiki. Thankyou.
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• 10/7/2017

Favorite Book! (Spoilers!!!)

What is your favorite book in the Unwanteds Series - including Quests? Why is this book so appealing to you?

Personally, (although I have a feeling this is going to be a very popular choice) my favorite book is Island of Dragons because I love how McMann ties the series all together based off of the concept of the Dragon’s Triangle. I especially love it because it feels like the seventh book is the capstone explanation for a structure she has been building from the very beginning. I remember feeling so excited and curious when the airplane goes down off of the coast of Artime as it is a piece that connects the Unwanted’s world to ours. My sense of mystery grew as they realize that they cannot enter or leave the seven islands very easily. When it is revealed that the islands are a part of the Dragon’s Triangle it makes the story so powerful, cohesive, wondrous, and awe inspiring to me that this was the plan from the very beginning. I have a feeling that this concept is explored further in the Quests books which I have yet to read, but feel free to discuss them here, I will hold myself responsible for spoilers. How about you?
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• 10/6/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

As you can see, Discussions has been enabled. This is part of my Wiki Cleanup Project, which is aimed at dragging the Wiki from 2015 into 2017. We’re now we’ll into Stage Two of the project, which is currently ahead of schedule!

Anyways, Discussions is a flexible community area, where we can all come together to discuss the Unwanteds. Posts have a title, a description, and a category. Posts can be upvoted and reported as well, which improves the quality of the content for everyone.

So click around and explore Discussions, and as always, feel free to contact me with any feedback.
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